mini concrete pump

Mini Concrete Pump for Sale

Sometimes, it is not practical to use concrete pump with large capacity in small construction site. At this time, the mini concrete pumps can solve the troublesome problem. It has played a significant role in the small construction projects. This type of concrete pump is famous for its small power, small size and small volume. In addition, the light weight also makes it as convenient as portable concrete pump. Therefore, it is becoming well-received at home and abroad. Though it has compact structure, same as other types of concrete pumps, it also can pump concrete with high efficiency, high reliability and stable performance.

mini concrete pump for sale
mini concrete pump equipment

The mini concrete pump machines manufactured by Aimix Group have capacities of 20 m3/h, 30 m3/h and 40 m3/h, which can meet your small construction projects certainly. What’ more, you can purchase one with your customized capacity. We promise that the products with exquisite craft and ingenious design will never let you down. With many years’ mature manufacturing experience, Aimix Group must satisfy different demands of constructions. We have brought in advanced technology and adopted several imported components, which can maximize its utilization and prolong its service life. It only needs your lower investment, you will be certain that it is a worthwhile after the concrete pump is applied to your constructions.

It can be separated into mini electric concrete pump and mini diesel concrete pump. The new generation product- mini concrete mixer pump has been produced. Besides, the special type of concrete pump-mini cement mortar pump is also for sale. The following is the brief introduction of them.

Mini electric concrete pump

The mini electric concrete pump is one of the most efficient concrete pumping machines, which is equipped with electric engine. This concrete pump has strong pumping ability with sufficient electricity. Therefore, the most important thing you should concern is its working condition. If you are in a place with powerful electricity, the mini electric concrete pump is your first choice for the construction. The capacity of 20 m3/h to 40 m3/h is available to our electric concrete pump.

40m3/h mini electric concrete pump
40m3/h mini electric concrete pump

40m3/h mini diesel concrete pump
40m3/h mini diesel concrete pump

Mini diesel concrete pump

The mini diesel concrete pumps has the same capacities of mini electric concrete pumps, 20 m3/h, 30 m3/h and 40 m3/h. The concrete pump with diesel engine can keep in a normal status however bad the environment is. Naturally, the diesel concrete pump has more stable performance. The use of anti-weary material ensures the concrete pump with long life span. Therefore, a lot of clients have bought one due to its noticeable characteristics mentioned above. Therefore, you can choose diesel concrete pump with safety.

Mini concrete mixer pump

The mini concrete mixer pump can achieve concrete mixing and pumping conveniently. It can be said to the innovative generation based on concrete mixer and concrete pump. So many clients would like to purchase one for rural and urban building construction. They think that there is no need to buy separate concrete mixer and concrete pump for the small construction.

Besides, the mini concrete mixer pumps have capacities of 20 m3/h, 30 m3/h and 40 m3/h. With small pumping capacity, the mini concrete pump for sale is also suitable for floor heating, spraying projects. The mini concrete mixer pump adopts gravity type concrete mixers–JZC200 and JZC350, compulsory mixers– JS500 and JS750, which can ensure concrete mixing quickly and evenly with high quality. It only takes 45-60 seconds to finish one mixing cycle, which can provide enough concrete supplying. Therefore, the mini concrete mixer pump has more superiorities than ordinary concrete pumps. All in all, more surprises will be found if you use one.

30 m3/h mini concrete mixer pump
30 m3/h mini concrete mixer pump

5 m3/h mini cement mortar pump
5 m3/h cement mortar pump

Mini cement mortar pump

Mini cement mortar pump is a concrete pumping machine which is specially developed according to the characteristics of ground heating construction. The capacities of mini cement mortar pump are 5 m3/h and 10 m3/h, which can be widely applied to spraying of fine aggregate and cement mortar in the tunnel and building walls.

Specification of Mini Concrete Pump

Mini Concrete Pump mini electric concrete pump mini diesel concrete pump
Max. Theoretical  Throughput(m3/h) 20 30 40 25 30 40
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 10 11 11-13 10 10 11/13/15
Max.Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 140 150 150 150 150 150
Max.Horizontal Conveying Distance(m) 500 600 600 600 600 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 20 20/30 30/40 20 20/30 30/40
Conveying Pipe Radius(mm) 100 100 125 12—23 12—23 12—23
Conveying Cylinder Bore X Piston Stroke(mm) Φ140×1000 Φ160×1200 Φ180×1200 Φ140×1000 Φ140×1100 Φ180×1300
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity(L) 240 370 370 240 370 370
Feeding Height(mm) 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 1250
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.35 0.4 0.6 0.35 0.4 0.6
Power(kw) 37 45 45/56 46 49 56
Dimension(Length×Width×Height)(mm) 4000*1350*1550 4500*1750*1600 4600*1850*1770 4500*1750*1600 4800*1750*1600 5000*1850*1700

Features of Our Concrete Mini Pump

1.Flexible movement can realize easily changing construction sites of the concrete pumping machine, which can reduce much time and labor.

2.The concrete pumping equipment with high automation makes the operation easy and safe, and it can monitor the operation process timely to reduce failure rates.

3.In the pumping process, it has independent cooling system, which can ensure smooth working under special working environment.

4.It has remote control function, which makes the operation easy, safe and convenient.

5.The main electrical components adopt Schneider, France, which can greatly improve the performance and reliability of machine.

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