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ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump

Transporting ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump to Malaysia

In Feb, ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer has been delivered to Malaysia.We have taken several pictures and send to our customer. You can also check them below. Customer has purchase our equipment before. He thought that our machine has high quality, stable performance and long service life. This time he decided to buy the diesel concrete … Read more

Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump

Delivery of ABT50C Diesel Concrete Pump to Bangladesh

In Feb, 2020, Aimix ABT50C diesel trailer concrete pump was delivered to Bangladesh. Fortunately, we finished manufacturing soon after we were back to work. Then we delivered the equipment smoothly. The customer from Thailand who has construction project in Bangladesh is in need of this equipment. It is mainly used for building construction. In general, … Read more

ABT90C Diesel Concrete Pump

ABT90C Diesel Concrete Pump Was Transported to Indonesia

Congratulations! In Jan, 2020, Aimix Group have exported ABT90C diesel concrete pump to Indonesia successfully. The order made from an old customer who has purchased equipment from us before. This time he planned to use the large capacity concrete pump for his construction projects. After a week’s manufacturing, our factory worker has finished production. Then … Read more

Concrete Pumps Loading in Factory

Two sets of Diesel Trailer Concrete Pumps Transported to Philippines

Good news! In Jan, 2020, Aimix two sets of trailer pumps have been delivered to Philippines. Our old customer has decided to buy two units this time. It will be applicable for his building construction projects. Our worker has taken some loading pictures when transporting. Please check them below. These two pumps are small concrete … Read more

ABT40C trailer pump

Bolivia Customer Bought ABT40C Trailer Concrete Pump from Aimix Group

Good news, our ABT40C diesel trailer pump has been delivered to Bolivia on 25th, Nov, 2019. After comparing so many pumps in the market, our customer finally chose our pump for his small building construction projects. According to description from our customer, we recommend him this model of ABT40C which can match his construction projects … Read more

concrete pump mixer

Transporting ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump to The Philippines

Congratulations! In September, 2019, we have loaded our diesel concrete pump in our concrete pump factory. After loading, the pump was ready to be transported to Qingdao Port and then delivered to the Philippines. Every time we loaded pump before delivery, we would taken photos for our customers. Here are several pictures of loading. ABJZ40C … Read more

Exporting Concrete Pump to Malaysia

Delivering Aimix Diesel Concrete Pump to Malaysia

Congratulations! Our trailer concrete pump with diesel engine has been exported to Malaysia successfully. It is with capacity about 40 m3/h, belonging to small concrete pump, which is suitable for small-medium construction projects. In June, 2019, this concrete pump was loaded in our factory. During loading, we have taken several pictures of it, please check … Read more

HBTS90 Concrete Pump Electric

ABT90D Electric Concrete Pump Has Been Exported To Korea

Good news! Aimix has transported concrete pump with electric engine to Korea in April, 2019. After compared to diesel concrete pump, our customers finally decided to purchase this model because there are sufficient electricity supplying in Korea. You can check some packing pictures of this electric concrete pump in factory here. Electric concrete pump is … Read more

diesel mixing pump

Delivering Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump to Ecuador

Congratulations! Aimix diesel concrete mixer pump has been delivered to Ecuador successfully. Under our sale’s patient guidance, our sale finally choose 40 m3/h pump, which is better appropriate for his small construction. Accordingly, our customer use the concrete mixer pump for his rural building construction project. Indeed, the 40 m3/h capacity of pump can totally … Read more

transport concrete pump to Kazakhstan

Aimix Diesel Concrete Pump Has Been Exported to Kazakhstan

Congratulations! Aimix 90 m3/h diesel trailer concrete pump was transported to Kazakhstan successfully on 20th, Dec, 2018. Our customer expect his new concrete pump quick arrival. Actually, in Nov, 2018, our customer has came to our factory to visit how our concrete pump is manufactured. In order to convince of our customer, we guide him … Read more