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Concrete Pumps for Sale

Concrete pumps for sale are so diverse that the customers may not distinguish one from another. Therefore, they can’t choose the right concrete pump for the construction projects. There are so many factors they have to take into consideration when selecting, such as the models, the conveying capacity, the conveying distance, the largest conveying aggregate size etc. So it is significant to have good knowledge of the concrete pumps. The different types of concrete pumps can be used in various construction sites.

In order to follow close on the rapid change market demand, Aimix Group also has launched various concrete pumping machines. First, the models of concrete pumps are designed to be unique. The customers can recognize that which kind the concrete pump for sale belongs to. Second, the conveying capacity depends on many investigations among users. Last but not least, the hydraulic pumping system adopts advanced technology, which can guarantee pumping procedure more stable.

concrete pumps for sale

concrete pump

According to above three points, our company has produced many kinds of concrete pumps, including concrete trailer pump, boom concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, electric concrete pump, diesel concrete pump, mobile concrete pump, small concrete pump, portable concrete pump, stationary concrete pump etc. The following is an introduction of concrete pumping equipment that can help you get more details about our concrete pumps.

What is The Concrete Pump?

The concrete pump is a kind of cement pumping machine with board use, which can convey the concrete mixture through pipelines under the effect of hydraulic pressure. This pump machine can’t be ignored because it plays a vital role in the construction projects. When there is long distance that the concrete is not convenient to convey, the concrete pumps matters. There is no doubt that concrete pumping machine for sale is the most practical equipment for you.

Many people have detected that there is a unique type—concrete mixer pump. The concrete mixer pump is one kind of concrete pump. The main difference exists in the additive concrete mixer. It can achieve mixing and pumping in one machine. Since it’s economic, the concrete mixer pump is also a good option.

Broad Classification

According to structural style, the concrete pumps have piston type, push-in type and hydraulic diaphragm type. The latter types are seldom used in construction. Most of our concrete pumps adopt the piston type due to its reasonable structure, excellent performance and convenient maintenance.

In terms of the structure and purpose, we divide the concrete pumps into boom concrete pump, trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump and concrete mixer pump.

Based on engine, there are diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump.

Brief Introduction of Several Concrete Pumping Machines

1. Concrete boom pump

The concrete boom pump has its own booms with pretty good flexibility, which is convenient to use. It can convey concrete to a certain height that makes up for other pumps conveying shortage. Equipped with automobile chassis, it can move quickly from site to another. But due to the height restriction of work, there are many requirements for the site.

2. Truck mounted concrete pump

Compared with concrete boom pump, it doesn’t have separate support. Therefore, the workers have relatively large labor intensity. But it has virtues of small occupied areas and lower operating cost.

3. Trailer concrete pump

Trailer concrete pump has tires that can be dragged by trailer to the site. The operation cost is low. But the conveying speed is slow, the conveying height is lower than that of truck mounted concrete pump.

concrete boom pump

truck mounted concrete pump

trailer concrete pump

4. Concrete Mixer pump

The concrete mixer pump is the combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump. It has obvious features of small size, small power and lower cost, which can be applied to floor heating and spraying construction. Compared with boom concrete pump and truck mounted concrete pump, it has superiority in urban and new rural building construction.

5. Electric concrete pump

Electric concrete pump has high material absorption efficiency, which can reach the theoretical value. It adopts advanced hydraulic pump with high reliability and safety. The lubrication system can ensure sufficient oil feeding with high efficiency and energy saving. Intelligent electric control system optimizes the man-machine interface, which makes the operation easier.

6. Diesel concrete pump

Diesel concrete pump is driven by diesel, which is convenient for those areas lacking of electricity. The key hydraulic components in the pump are hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve, and the optimized s-tube valve makes the concrete pump smooth. The equipment adopts intelligent operation with excellent conveying ability, quick pumping speed, less congestion and high cost performance, which can pump high quality concrete in a bad environment.

concrete mixer pump

electric concrete pump

diesel concrete pump

Operation Tips of Concrete Pumps for Sale

1.Aggregate size and mixing proportion should meet the requirements of pump mechanical performance.

2.The position of concrete pump must be flat and firm. There are no obstacles around it and no high voltage transmission lines.

3.Keep the bolts of the pump equipment fasten. Make the pipe joints tightly sealed. And the protective equipment should be fully reliable.

4.Switches, handles, hand wheel and control rod should be in the right position. The hydraulic system shall be normally free of leakage.

5.Any conveying pipes and hydraulic pipes can’t be opened when pumping system is working. The safety valve of the hydraulic system shall not be adjusted arbitrarily.

6.After work, all concrete in the hopper and pipe must be fully conveyed. Then the pump, hopper and pipe shall be cleaned. When flushing the pipe with compressed air, it is not permitted to stand in front of the pipe outlet.


Item HBT-20 HBT-30 HBT-40 HBT-50 HBT-60 HBT-80 HBT-90
Max. Theoretical  Throughput(m3/h) 20 30 40 50 60 80 90
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 10 11 11-13 12-13 13/15/16 16 16/18
Max.Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 140 150 150 150 190 200 220
Max.Horizontal Conveying Distance(m) 500 600 600 600 800 1000 1200
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 20 20/30 30/40 40/50 50 50 50
Conveying Pipe Radius(mm) 100 100 125 125/150 150 150 150
Conveying Cylinder Bore X Piston Stroke(mm) Φ140×1000 Φ160×1200 Φ180×1200 Φ180×1300 Φ200×1650 Φ200×1800 Φ200×1850
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity(L) 240 370 370 370 580 580 580
Feeding Height(mm) 1100 1100 1100 1400 1420 1420 1420
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.35 0.4 0.6 0.68 0.68 0.68 0.8
Power(kw) 37 45 45/56 75 90 110 110
Dimension(Length×Width×Height)(mm) 4000×1350×1550 4500×1750×1600 4600×1850×1770 5200×2000×2260 6000×2160×2600 6300×2100×2250 6300×2100×225
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