ready mixed concrete pump

Ready Mix Concrete Pump

Referring to the ready mix concrete pump, many people may not be familiar with it. In fact, it has the same function as the concrete trailer pump. Sometimes, it’s also named ready mix pump. It seems that it has been a well-accepted pumping machine which is widely applied to many construction fields. The degree of hot-sale is second to none in the market.

Ready Mix Concrete Pump
ready mix concrete pump

Things You Need to Know About Ready Mix Concrete Pumps

In order to choose your right concrete pump, it is necessary to have elaborate information about this machine.

In terms of engine, there are electric type and diesel type. The capacity of both diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump can reach 25-80 m3/h.

According the unique naming method, the integration models of ready mixed concrete pump come as following:

Electric type: ABT40D, ABT60D and ABT80D

Diesel type: ABT40C, ABT60C and ABT80C

Ready Mix Concrete Pumps From Aimix Group

Therefore, our company has also developed excellent concrete pumps with advanced technology. What’s more, we are always doing all the things we can, including optimizing the manufacturing skills and introducing advanced several foreign components, to improve the quality of concrete pump. Our mission is that the concrete pump we offered will always keep in good working status during its service life.

Aimix Ready Mix Pump Manufactured With Advanced Technology In Factory
Aimix Ready Mix Pump Manufactured With Advanced Technology In Factory

Until now, it has turned out that Aimix Group is really a trustworthy manufacturer which can be always committed to provide best ready mix concrete pump price for every client. The offered machines have been exported to many countries. The predominant design can satisfy different construction requirements. The customers give positive feedback on its strong adaptability in construction, like the spraying of ground heating and refractory materials. Compared with truck mounted concrete pump and concrete boom truck, it has small size and small volume, which is convenient for bridges, rural and urban building construction.

Pumping Procedure of Ready Mix Pump

In the process of pumping cement, one concrete piston is forward and the other one is back up under the effect of main hydraulic cylinder. In the meantime, the s valve is connected with one conveying cylinder and the other conveying cylinder is connected with hopper under the action of swing hydraulic cylinder. So the concrete in hopper will be sucked into conveying cylinder when the other concrete piston is back; the concrete in conveying cylinder will be pumped out from the discharge outlet.

The other concrete piston is back to the terminal and the two main hydraulic cylinders will change direction after the control system sends a signal. So does the swing hydraulic cylinder. Then the s valve connects with the other conveying cylinder and one conveying cylinder connects with hopper. In this time, the concrete piston is one forward and one back. So repeatedly, the concrete will be delivered continuously.

Benefits of Using Our Ready Mix Concrete Pump

high efficiency
different engines
automatic pumping
hydraulic system
s valve
electric controlling
pumping concrete with high efficiency and reliability; reduce labor cost and time.
two options–electric type and diesel type. Diesel type can adapt to harsh environment.
pumping system with high automatization, convenient to operate and maintain.
open circuit hydraulic system, guarantee to work in normal condition.
The s distributing valve is made up of manganese steel materials, which has long service life.
anti-pumping function to avoid concrete congestion when pumping, beneficial for cleaning pump after work.
The adoption of main electronic components can enhance the reliability of electric control system.

Customers All Over The World Come to Visit Aimix Factory

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Company Service

Aimix Machinery has many types of concrete pumps for sale, including mini concrete pump, small portable concrete pump, trailer concrete pump, boom concrete pump, fine aggregate pump etc. As one of the China famous concrete pump suppliers, the inquiries and successful deals come from all over the world. Even a lot of customers will purchase a second time due to high reliability and high durability.

If you are interested in any ready mix concrete with pumps and want to know the details of them, our service staff will provide you fully elaborate information, such as the subtle difference of every model, the price list and how much discount you will have. We will also answer every question and solve every problem patiently until you select one which is very appropriate to your construction. Any question, fill in the following form blow.


Max. theo. concrete output(L./H)M3/h40/2667/4584/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)MPa10/7.613/716/11
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  ValveS  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180×1200Φ200×1650Φ200×1800
Hopper capacity x feeding heightL/mm400/1100800/1400800/1400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ180Φ180
Diesel engine modelWeifang Delier 6105ZBWechaiWechai
Electrical engineering powerKW82129176
Rotate speedr/min210022002200
Circuit type
Pumping system pressureMPa323232
Mixing system pressureMPa6-86-86-8
Capacity of oil tankL370370580
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distancem120/500180/800200/800
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Total weightkg450065006900
Max. theo. concrete output(L./H)M3/h4060/3686/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)MPa1013/716/11
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  ValveS  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180×1200Φ200×1650Φ200×1800
Hopper capacity x feeding heightL/mm400/1100800/1100800/1100
Outlet diametermmΦ100Φ180Φ180
Electrical engineering powerKW459090
Rotate speedr/min148014801480
Circuit type
Pumping system pressureMPa282832
Mixing system pressureMPa86-814
Capacity of oil tankL370560580
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distancem120/500160/800200/800
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Total weightkg320060006300
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